Inspired by the Alexandria Lakes Area, Nice Juicery is central Minnesota's first cold pressed juice company. Nice Juicery provides necessary nutrients in the most convenient and delicious way possible. The nicest part about Nice Juicery? We couldn't pick just one!


1. Nice Juicery is nice on your body. Every Nice juice is cold pressed, which is a method of juicing that preserves more nutrients by avoiding heat. Our NSF certified cold pressed juicer applies large amounts of pressure to press all of the liquid out of our produce. The product? A juice that contains pounds of your favorite fruits and veggies with nutrients galore! No preservatives, no unfamiliar ingredients, no added colors. Just juice.


2. Nice Juicery is nice on your wallet. Juicing is expensive. But so are hospital bills. Nice Juicery thinks everyone should be able to enjoy juice -- not just those who are able to shell out the big bucks for a 16 oz bottle. What does a Nice juice cost? Just $5. That's right! A trip to your local coffee or fast food joint is sure to cost around the same for a specialty beverage. Take a break from milkshakes and sugar-filled coffees and see number 1 above.


3. Nice Juicery is nice to local businesses. Nice Juicery strives to use local and organic produce when economically feasible. Curious if anything in your juice is from a local farm? Organic? Just ask!